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4 Aug 2009, 06:31pm
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Total Time Spent on map to date
Approx. 21 Hours

What is my map about?
Well. I was working on deathrun_internet, and it wasn't really turning out how I was hoping that it would. I tried redesigning it - but I never really got anywhere with that. So, I decided to drop it, and throw it in the garbage. Now, I present to you Deathrun_SwimForIt. I wanted to create a map that is unique, something that no one has done yet. So, the map revolves around swimming for your life. If you try to rush, you may find out that you're dying from lack of air :o, and must reach an air pocket. It's a unique idea, and I'm not actually sure how it'll be accepted. New strategies must be used to pass the traps - no more strafing, or bunny hopping.

All sorts of traps are used, from being electrocuted, eaten by fish, squashed by falling rocks, drowning - it's all there. Included are 14 traps controlled by terrorists, and 2 non-controlled obstacles. (Floating barrels? Onoz!)

Completion Percentage?

Current Map Plans/ What I will be doing
I've completed all the traps that I've planned on. All that remains is to complete the secrets, and ending room. After that - it's set to go. (I'll hopefully have it out by tomorrow. :)) Though, I have tested all the traps and know that they work well - I'm not sure if theirs enough to kill 30 people. Perhaps I'll need to add much, much more after testing with a server full of people. We'll see. o.O

See attatchments.

Link to FPSB WIP

Programs Im using
Hammer Editor
Photoshop 7

Map By

Bob Loblaw
4 Aug 2009, 08:48pm
Looks very interesting :) Look forward to seeing how it plays. I can see the water making it a little too hard, but at the same time it is definitely unique, and change is good :)

4 Aug 2009, 08:54pm
sweet. if i see this on the deathrun server ill check it out. Sounds alot different than traditional deathrun

4 Aug 2009, 09:06pm
Wow. This is definantly different from all other deathrun maps. I'll be sure to play it as soon as its on the deathrun server!

5 Aug 2009, 03:33pm
Well, did some testing today. Fixed a lot of bugs o.O. Should be good to go on the deathrun server, so whenever FPSBanana comes back up, I'll upload then request it. :]

6 Aug 2009, 01:48am
Omg Sounds soo cool.
And I bet its gonna be good since its made by you :D
I always see you on deathrun , so , you should know whats good nd what isnt !
Hope to see it on the server!